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When a couple looking a pregnancy, doctors advise to maintain their usual sexual activity, unplanned encounters. But if you want to schedule sex to have a baby, it is important to know when ovulation occurs.

We’re talking about the days in a woman’s menstrual cycle when pregnancy is possible. Pregnancy is technically only possible during the five days before ovulation through to the day of ovulation.

These six days are the ‘fertile window’ in a woman’s cycle, and reflect the lifespan of sperm (5 days) and the lifespan of the ovum (24 hours).

If a woman has sex six or more days before she ovulates, the chance she will get pregnant is virtually zero. If she has sex five days before she ovulates, her probability of pregnancy is about 10%.

The probability of pregnancy rises steadily until the two days before and including the day of ovulation.

At the end of the ‘fertile window’, the probability of pregnancy declines rapidly and by 12-24 hours after she ovulates, a woman is no longer able to get pregnant during that cycle.

For those women who are not aware of their ‘fertile window’ or when they ovulate, sexual intercourse is recommended every 2 to 3 days to help optimise their chance of conceiving.

The ovulation calculator to find below can help you determine the day of the month when you will be most fertile. Find out when you could ovulate – and increase your chances of getting pregnant!
With Fertility Calendar developed by Fertiaguerrevere we help you calculate your most fertile days to cause pregnancy.

In fertility time is crucial. Whenever you decide to have a baby time will become one of your most precious allies. Through this Ovulation Calculator you will have the opportunity to predict the chances of getting pregnant and even it might possible to choose the sex of the future baby.
It is important to know when the ovulation will occur during the cycle. Some cycles are short and some long, normally every 28 days.
This ovulation calendar will help you to determine the days during the cycle you will be the most fertile. Find out when can you increase the chances of your desired pregnancy.

The result calendar-calculator fertile and ovulation days are scheduled dates of fertility and no exact dates. The fertility of each woman is different, this is just a rough estimate based on statistics.

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Treasure Hunters from Florida found $ 4.5 million in Royal Eight Escudos

Florida treasure hunters found $ 4.5 million in rare coins Spanish
Florida treasure hunters found a treasure worth $ 4.5 million in Spanish gold coin 300 years to the day after a fleet of ships sank in a hurricane en route from Havana to Spain, said the owner of rescue on Wednesday.

350 coins found on July 30 include nine rare pieces known as real-eight shields, which were transported to the king of Spain, as Brent Brisben. His company, 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels, owns the rights to the remains.

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Only 20 such coins are known to exist prior to the recovery of nine real, Brisben said.

“Gold seems to hit the water yesterday,” said William Bartlett, 51, the diver who watched from a distance.

Bartlett was part of a three-man crew aboard the boat Brisben S / V Captain when coins found in shallow waters of Vero Beach, Florida.El search site was chosen because it was close to an earlier discovery.

The same day in 1715, a hurricane shakes 11 Spanish galleons laden with treasure reef off the east coast of Florida, sank in the early hours of the next morning. Today, the remains dispersed over a wide area.

The coins found for Bartlett are part of the treasure scattered now carried by the galleons, which have already broken up.

Bartlett said the crew used the boat propeller to blow a hole in the ocean of sand to reach rock 8 feet (2.4 meters) below. The rescue operation lasted five days.

Like many treasure hunters from Florida, Bartlett a Pompano Beach remodeling kitchen and bath, immersed as a hobby.

Treasure Hunt said no to the money and refused to say how much would receive under contract with jewelry queens 1715 fleet.

“I’m just a guy in a boat living the dream,” Bartlett said.

Bartlett hunters usually work under contract with the company, which gives them a percentage of their find after the Florida State exercises its right to 20 percent of the distance.

The company acquired legal custody of the sagging of the heirs of the world famous treasure hunter Mel Fisher fleet.

Brisben said that he and his crew discovered 350 Spanish gold coins in a fleet of 11 ships along Florida’s Treasure Coast on July 30 and 31 — 300 years to the date of the sinking.

“We salvage these shipwrecks using a boat going into the ocean and we pick an area where we think there would be artifacts remaining,” Brisben said. “All of these artifacts are under multiple feet of sand, so in order to retrieve them we go out and excavate the sand.”

Brisben said the riches, which had been resting underwater since 150 years before the Civil War, included rare “Royals” coins that were made by the order of a Spanish king.

He added that the Royals represent 30 percent of its kind known to exist.

“Every coin truly is unique,” Brisbane said. “The Royals, there are nine of them — each one being [worth] about $300,000 Dolares BITCOIN.”

PHOTO: 4.5 Million Dollars worth of Spanish gold coins has been recovered.1715 Fleet – Queens Jewels, LLC

The state of Florida, Brisben said, is entitled to 20 percent of the artifacts recovered by him and his team.

He added that the remaining coins will be distributed among him, his father, and the other crew members involved in the discovery.

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Michael Stuhlbarg Talk about the filming of Steve Jobs

180070_michael_stuhlbarg[1]Michael Stuhlbarg is who plays the first employees of Apple Andy Hertzfeld in upcoming film of Steve Jobs, Aaron Sorkin, he spoke to Collider about his experience shooting the film and shared an idea of the three-act structure of the film.

Stuhlbarg talked about how the three-act structure was almost like a play, and it led to a unique rehearsal structure:

Being a part of them was extraordinary. They were very unique projects unto themselves. Particularly the Steve Jobs rehearsal process was unlike anything I’ve ever done to this point and probably unlike anything I’ll ever do again. Aaron Sorkin wrote it very much like a three-act play, and each act was the launch of a new product. So we rehearsed each act for two weeks and then we shot for two weeks; then we rehearsed for two weeks and shot for two weeks; then we rehearsed for two weeks and then we shot for two weeks.

And that was amazing because by the time we were ready to shoot, we were really, really ready, and it brought us all together in an extraordinary way. Also, it kind of gave us something in the telling of the story that you don’t often get, which is a sense of momentum of what a story is telling you. He got the opportunity to get the barrage of nonsense that was being thrown at him throughout the entire story. It was just unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

Also Stuhlbarg spoke about the experience of working on a highly desirable Aaron Sorkin screenplay and his take on Andy Hertzfeld’s relationship with Steve Jobs, all of Which can be read in the original interview on Collider or seen in the video below.

The Steve Jobs movie will premiere at the 53rd annual New York Film Festival on October 3 before seeing a wider release on October 9. The film, Which was written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, Michael Fassbender stars as Steve Jobs, Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak, Kate Winslet as Joanna Hoffman, and Jeff Daniels as John

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how many of these *chinese voice ” city” * movies does the world need?
How many movies has the world ever needed? Like every other film, this is something to enjoy. If you don’t, it’s not for you. How many more “how many more … do we need” comments do we need?

Gasu E.
how many of the apologist comments do we need? me and people like me are tired of seeing the world trying to make money on a dead person making shitty movies about him. mine was a rhetorical question on a public forum board. you don’t have to actually answer to everybody you don’t agree with, ya know.

If you post, you are inviting a response. Don’t post if you don’t want a response.
You don’t have to actually post every random thought you have on a public forum board, ya know.

I have a very good feeling about this film. I think it’s going to pleasantly surprise a lot of people.

how many of the apologist comments do we need? me and people like me are tired of seeing the world trying to make money on a dead person making shitty movies about him.
I haven’t seen very many if any, but I’m hardly an apologist given that this is simply an issue of personal taste.

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